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How long does diaper rash last?

How long does diaper rash last?

A baby can develop a rash despite attentive care - basically, no matter how cautious you are, your baby will probably get a diaper rash at some point during their incontinent stage. Most babies do, so although it may be hard to prevent diaper rash, it's important to be informed on treating diaper rash. But how long does diaper rash last, anyway?

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A diaper rash should typically heal quickly. You are welcome to follow some of our home remedy tips for alleviating diaper rash. Diaper rash is most typically caused by irritation due to prolonged exposure to humidity, urine, and feces, or a combination of the three. For regular diaper rash, treating the irritated skin with a moisture blocking cream and/or allowing the irritated skin to air dry between the time you change diapers will usually clear up the rash within a day or two. 

In the case of severe rashes due to allergic reactions, the rash may persist until the allergen is removed. If there is no correlation between exposure to urine or feces or prolonged diaper use and the appearance of a rash, then you might want to consider allergen exposure and attempt to remove it from contact with your baby’s skin. You may also want to consider any correlation between antibiotic use and chafing due to tightness and the appearance of a rash. Consider any fragrances and other harmful chemicals in any ointment, diaper wipes, soaps, detergents and diapers that could be causing skin irritation. Additionally, consider any factors in his or her diet that could be causing an allergic reaction. The rash should subside within a couple of days after allergen exposure is eliminated, keeping in mind simple tips to keep the area dry. 

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If a diaper rash symptoms persist for longer than 4 to 7 days despite home diaper rash treatment, you should consult with a doctor to treat diaper rash. Most types of diaper rashes will clear before 3 days or should look like they are improving. Persistent or quickly worsening rashes might require medical intervention. Also contact your pediatrician if there are pus-filled blisters, yellowish crusts, worsening red bumps, or if the severe diaper rash is accompanied by a fever.

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