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Welcome to Parenthood!

Hi, I'm the CEO and Co-founder of Parasolco, a single mother of two grown children, a first-generation immigrant from Taiwan, and a lifelong learner committed to evolving alongside my company and customers. In 2015, I began what I would call a profound journey, starting Parasol without any knowledge of diaper manufacturing or digital marketing. Driven by a vision to blend quality with conscience, I traveled to 26 countries, engaging with industry experts and exploring various manufacturing techniques on three continents.

A Mother's Caress in Every Touch

Our debut in 2016 introduced a new standard of diaper softness, previously celebrated in Asia but seldom found in the U.S. Over seven years, we iterated relentlessly, changing manufacturers four times in our quest to enhance quality and incorporate sustainable innovation, driven by direct feedback from those who matter most—our subscribers.

Our mission is simple:

To dispel the common nightmares of diapering—rashes and leaks—that shadow the joys of parenting. We aim to craft a product that not only meets but exceeds every expectation for safety and comfort. We meticulously select the finest ingredients and materials, ensuring each component—from the super-absorbent core to the ultra-soft fabric that caresses the skin—works in harmony to protect and comfort your baby.

This endeavour is a global collaboration:

A tapestry of experiences shared by parents, the dedication of manufacturers who refine each prototype, and the creativity of designers who add a touch of joy to each piece. It’s a continuous cycle of learning and adapting, fueled by the feedback from our weekly Zoom calls with subscribers, guiding our enhancements and innovations.

We are deeply grateful to every family

That chooses Parasol and cherish the opportunity to support each of your children. Discover the Parasol difference for yourself by trying a sample pack of our diapers. Share your insights, and join us on the rewarding journey of parenthood. We promise to listen, respond, and consistently deliver the best for you and your children enhancements and innovations.