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Diaper Rash Treatments

While diaper rash is extremely common and most babies will experience it at least once, its appearance can alarm parents and obviously cause discomfort to our little ones.

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Most of the time a mild diaper rash is nothing to be too concerned about, but when it comes to how to treat diaper rash, preventative care and a few home remedy tips can help you provide timely relief to your baby and your state of mind! If you have identified the types of diaper rash or suspect a certain culprit, you can follow some of these diaper rash treatment tips to reduce irritation and promote healing:

Increase the frequency of diaper changes

Reducing exposure to the moist environment of soiled diapers will be most helpful in addressing diaper rash symptoms. Immediately change diapers if urine or feces is suspected.

    Pat your baby's skin dry

    Gently pat your baby’s skin dry after every change or let them air dry and embrace that natural suit! Give their bottom more time without a diaper - whether you let ‘em run around naked or simply engage in playtime after a change while he or she lays on a towel as they air dry.

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      Avoid over-tight diapers

      If you are suspect of chafed and irritated skin, make sure you are not over-tightening diapers and consider if it’s time to go up a size to avoid skin irritation. 

        Apply healing cream

        Apply a healing cream or ointment on completely dry skin to help protect their bums from excess moisture.

        Limit exposure to allergens

          Limit exposure to any suspected allergens. These may exist in any product that comes into contact with your baby’s bum including soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents, diaper creams, wipes, and certain diaper brands. Get to know the brands you buy - find out whether they have preservatives, fragrances, or added ingredients that could be resulting in an allergic reaction to the skin.

          If you suspect any symptoms of allergic dermatitis, most other tips for the treatment for diaper rash might not do much until you find the culprit and remove it from your baby repertoire. 

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          Consult your doctor

          Candida and bacterial dermatitis might require a doctors attention to prescribe antifungal medication or antibiotics in the case of a worsening bacterial infection. Always consult with your doctor if your baby is experiencing a persistent or continuously worsening rash.

          Switch to high-absorbent natural diaper

            Consider switching to a diaper brand that has high absorbent capacity to have your baby’s bum as dry for as long as possible. Use a diaper that has a low REWET. The rewet is the term we use in the industry to measure objective dryness of a diaper. This is tested by independent laboratories. We’ve managed to get a super-low rewet which means our diapers keep your baby’s bum dry for longer, even with repeated pee spurts. This is important in the effort to prevent diaper rash because prolonged humidity exposure will irritate a baby’s sensitive skin and can create the perfect breeding grounds for yeast and bacteria. Always look for diapers that are truly high-capacity for absorbency. 
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