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What Parasol Does Best: Best Parental Favorite Parasol Natural Diaper Features

What Parasol Does Best: Best Parental Favorite Parasol Natural Diaper Features

Clean Diapers

Say goodbye to diaper rash with the first and only diapers with RashShield™ protection for sensitive skin, and keep your baby’s skin clear and dry. At Parasol, we offer a unique combination of features to worrying parents with our Clear+Dry™ Natural Disposable Diapers, and it’s a no-brainer that parents love them the most. Natural diapers are gentler than the average diaper. One point scored already, haven’t we? The sheer volume of appreciation and feedback from our community of customers is a testament to why new parents bank on this product to take care of their babies.

The features that set Parasol’s non-toxic natural diapers apart from the regular synthetic disposable diapers in the market are:

  • Hypoallergenic

Our diapers come with an inner cover that’s hypoallergenic. It’s made with heavily-tested medical-grade fabrics that keep babies’ skin healthy and humidity-free. They have micro-pores that make them naturally breathable and every baby’s trusted companion.

  • RashShield™ protection from diaper rash

When asked about what makes Parasol different from any other diaper brand, we love talking about our expertise in protecting babies from diaper rashes with our leaps of innovation.

  • High-rise waist

A high waistband with soft 8-strand stretch can contour to babies of all body types.  It not only offers a secure fit but also something that the baby finds comfortable; a soft diaper that doesn’t dig into their body and hinders blood circulation.

  • Wider fabric coverage

Our specially-engineered 8-strand flexible waistband provides a soft flex-fit that never pinches or irritates the skin. It moves with the baby without leaving red marks on its skin.

  • Super absorbent

We have engineered them to do more with less, and parents love it. They are thinner than 1/4th of regular diapers but with insane absorption capacity.

  • Super soft material and ultra-thin core

They are super light and instantly wick moisture and humidity away from your baby’s skin. The Clear+Dry™ technology keeps the moisture-locked layers down to prevent irritating rash. It’s thinner than 1/4th of average diapers. So thin that it feels weightless

  • Dermatest® Excellent Seal

Our natural diapers, as well as disposable wipes, have received third-party approval from Dermatest® Research Institute for checking all the boxes when it comes to baby skincare. It’s a scientific label of assurance for parents to judge independently tested products that come in contact with skin.

  • Only water-based inks

We do not use any petroleum-based ink or dyes in the manufacturing process of these organic diapers. Usage of water-based inks allows air to circulate through the fabric and keeps your baby’s skin dry, unlike oil-based inks that block the pores. Most products are predominantly white to ensure that the diaper stays non-toxic and clean.

  • Unscented

Our natural diapers are unscented and our manufacturing process has no fragrances involved. Anything you smell is natural. No artificial gels to irritate your baby’s skin.

  • Total chlorine-free

Diapers labeled as TFC, like ours, are totally chlorine-free. They are steam-processed and purified diapers devoid of all kinds of germs and allergens. Chlorine is known to cause skin irritation.

  • FSC-certified wood pulp

We use organic plant-based material for our products, guaranteeing recyclability and biodegradability. Once you dispose of them, these diapers won’t have to decompose for the next  500 years on this planet, like other synthetic diapers on the market. We protect your baby and the environment for future generations. Products without FSC certification is not dependable option for your newborn’s skincare.

  • 3D embossed texture

Our designs are 3D embossed with water-based inks. We only use black and white prints for a clean experience and primarily to avoid any kind of dyes in the product that can irritate your baby’s skin. The cleanup is faster and gentler because of the 3D embossed structure. They are budget-friendly too because of their high holding capacity.

  • Eco-conscious packaging materials

The packaging for Parasol products has been engineered, keeping wastage and the longevity of the planet in mind. It is made with 90% recycled materials.

To curb wastage, we have even innovated wipes that get dispensed one at a time. When there’s no spillage, there’s no clutter. You use only what you need. Grab one along with your diapers, as two wipes are enough for cleanup. 

  • Ultra-soft nonwoven fabric

We use medical-grade hydrophilic, breathable fabric for our diapers that come with natural ventilation. Our priority is to keep the baby feeling fresh and airy, whether it’s day or night, with our RashShield™ Fabrics. The soft fabric protects their sensitive skin from scratches too.

  • Latex-free soft closing tabs

There’s no latex in our products because they are allergens too for the sensitive skin of babies.

  • OEKO-TEX® certified spandex

Made with a certified elastic material that works even during heavy soaking, it’s not hard on the skin and conforms to the body shape.

  • Eco-friendly technology

Completely bio-degradable natural diapers protect the environment in the long run because an average parent disposes of over 2500 diapers in the first year of their parenthood. Less waste, fewer fuels for transportation, and more efficient use of resources is our mission and hope for the future of humans and the environment that we share.

Natural diapers



Clean plant-based diapers without alcohol, chlorine, chemicals, dyes, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, latex, preservatives, heavy metals, or any lotion – that’s what we offer above all. Our diapers don’t just protect; they provide too. Our products contain 99% pure reverse osmosis water along with aloe leaf extracts that help nourish your baby’s skin and restore its pH balance.

Every parent has a favorite feature they depend on. High-grade, organic materials engineered with process innovation are our strength as a brand. Mindful innovation in technology and eco-conscious design choices is what Parasol does best. With love from thousands of first-time parents, we hope to keep innovating and bringing new non-toxic, effective skincare solutions for parents who want their babies to have the best experience of their infancy.



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