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Non Toxic Diapers - Safe Disposable Diapers

Non Toxic Diapers - Safe Disposable Diapers

All products Americans purchase, whether they are for babies, pets, clothing, or personal care, must be non-toxic and completely safe. Still, this is not the case for all products. In reality, over 150 chemicals found in the average American home have been linked to allergies, psychological disorders, birth defects, and cancers.   Since 1950, approximately 70,000 new chemicals have been invented and used in the home and the local environment without prior testing for toxicity. In the last 20 years, asthma has tripled in the United States to 30 million cases. A number of products contain harmful chemicals or are contaminated with them. The good news is that there are safer alternatives for every American and their families. 

Modern parents are always researching, doing their best to select clean products for their households and babies. They are aware of  few quality natural baby products in the market. Non-toxic baby diapers, generally, are becoming the best alternative on the market and more parents are switching from traditional to natural baby diaper. 


Natural Baby Diaper

Why Natural Baby Diapers?

Finding the best non-toxic diapers that adheres to every parent’s expectation is quite tricky. Natural disposable baby diapers are chemical-free diapers with pure and natural ingredients keeping our little one’s bum away from rashes and skin irritations.

Traditional Diapers

Traditional diapers are often the reason why babies experience diaper rashes. They may contain chemicals, chlorine, dyes, fragrances and plastics substances (like phthalates and latex). Traditional disposable diapers may somehow be absorbent and possibly the cheapest but oftentimes, these diapers contain harsh chemicals that can cause rashes or allergic reactions to our babies' super sensitive skins.

Remember that babies have a very delicate and sensitive skin and unbreathable diapers with irritating ingredients can cause a serious medical skin problem if you keep using the same diapers all over again.

Cloth diapers

Apart from natural baby diapers, cloth diapers are also becoming popular. Some parents or soon-to-be parents are torn between cloth or disposable baby diapers. 

Although cloth diapers are reusable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safer for our little ones. We also have to consider the materials used, how they are made, and how you wash and dry them. 

While it is true that cloth diapers are reusable, how we keep them free from germs and bacteria is essential when using them. There are certain ways to clean them perfectly and maintain them to be germ-free and bacteria-free. 

We cannot just simply wash them off because we have to kill the germs and bacteria which had become present on the moisture and feces that would often be the cause of diaper rash. Taking that to account, you also have to choose a more natural detergent to keep them chemical free. In addition, you may either tumble dry them or wash them with hot water which is not really eco friendly considering that it has certain global warming impacts.

Cloth diapers are a good option  if parents have an effective sanitary process and time to manage it with their busy lifestyle.


Non-Toxic Diapers / Chemical Free Diapers

Parents and soon-to-be parents are very good at navigating info, getting more conscious about the ingredients used on the products they choose for their babies. Most desired plant-based materials that are kinder and environmentally friendly.  It  is so much safer for all our little ones’ sensitive skins.

We do our best not to expose them to harmful chemicals/substances/materials at a very young age. Natural non-toxic diapers are generally hypoallergenic which do not contain chemicals, dyes, fragrances, chlorine, and plastics substances.


Disposable Baby Diapers

Why Parasol Co’s Natural Diapers?

We create natural baby products from around the world, sourcing the best-performing and softest ingredients. Our team of passionate parents and engineers dedicate themselves to discovering materials of integrity and developing relationships with our suppliers.

The ingredients we used

Parasol is committed to keeping our customers safe and healthy.   We have made a conscious decision to ban a long list of harmful chemicals from our products and manufacturing facilities. The following list of chemicals present in traditional diapers are not present in our products:










Inks made with heavy metals






Optical Brighteners FWAs

Orange Oils










The complete ingredient list for all of our Parasol products is written on the bag.. And just so you don’t need a chemistry degree to buy diapers - we are happy to break the ingredients (and their uses) down for you.

Chemical Free Diaper


Super absorbent polymer composite paper is the magic in disposable diapers.It's like to magic, only without the wand (It can hold up to 50x its weight in liquid). Chlorine-free super absorbent polymer composite paper pulls liquid out of babies' diapers and into the absorbent layer of their skin, effectively transforming pee into gel.  It is critical to keeping your baby dry and comfortable and reducing diaper rash caused by exposure to moisture.All current super absorbents that satisfy performance requirements to keep your baby dry are petroleum-based, but we are working hard to create a plant-based super absorbent.. At this moment “bio” sap does not meet performance requirements for our premium diapers and number of brands out there claim to use “bio” sap when in truth they would mix  bio sap and synthetic just to fulfill the requirements for a plant-based claim. 

Polypropylene nonwoven fabric. The inside of the diaper feels super soft and cushions your baby’s bum. Polypropylene entraps humidity way better than viscose derived from bamboo and other fibers, it keeps urine under the fabric and away from your baby’s skin. 

3M Magic Tape. Is the hook and loop tabs that secure the diaper. Made in the USA from polypropylane. 

Hygiene-grade elastic gives our diapers the stretchy component for a perfect fit, made 100% latex-free

Breathable PE film (back sheet) Highly breathable PE film. Print with non-toxic baby-safe ink. 


Chlorine Free Diapers


Did you know that not all diapers are breathable? Majority of traditional diapers use non-breathable film and use oil-based inks which clogs up diapers? Here at Parasol, not only do we opt for minimal printed designs, we also use water-based inks that support maximum breathability to keep your little one’s bum clean, dry and healthy!


Diaper Subscription Box

Diaper subscription

Parenting is fun but definitely not easy. Diaper subscription, nowadays, eases us from worrying about not having diapers the next day. Having them delivered right in front of our doorsteps is very convenient and checking itself out of our grocery lists.

We highly recommend our VIP membership subscription where you can have 3-giant diaper packs for only $84 + FREE 4-packs of wipes + 2 Friendship gifts.


Feedback from our customers

Here are some of the feedbacks from our customers that experience the Parasol difference


“I heard about Parasol through a friend 3 years ago and we've been subscribers ever since. As a father, handling the diaper inventory is easy using Parasol. We now use size 5 pullups for our oldest, and size 3 diapers for our youngest. I definitely recommend the VIP membership, as including wipes into the mix is no brainer. Support is always helpful and resolved any issue I've ever encountered in a timely manner. I'd recommend Parasol to anyone!” – Jordan B


“These diapers are my favorite. I was gifted a set as a baby gift. I immediately fell in love and signed up for a subscription and now I'm on baby #2 with them. They are so much softer and noticeably better quality than any other brand I've tried. And truly no leaks. I love the wipes as well!! I might just need to have more babies so I can keep being a customer.” – Lana E


We believe that the best marketing strategy will always be word of mouth. That’s why as part of our VIP Membership program, we also want you to share FREE gifts to your friends/colleague/family and let them experience the “Parasol difference”. 


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