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Clear+Dry™ Natural Disposable Diapers (Members)

Conceived with love


Total chlorine-free, FSC-certified wood pulp,ultra-soft hydrophilic nonwoven fabric(top sheet), breathablepolypropylene film, high-grade super absorbent polymer (SAP), latex-free soft closing tabs, OEKO-TEX®certified spandex, non-toxic water-based ink, 90% recycled packaging materials.

None of the nasties

No chlorine, alcohol, dyes, chemicals, fragrances, lotion, parabenes, phthalates, preservatives, latex, heavy metals.

Bye bye rash

No more diaper rash …keep baby’s skin clear and dry with the first and only diapers with RashShield™ protection for sensitive skin.

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No more dampness

Super absorbent, super soft, super lightweight fabrics instantly wick moisture and humidity away from skin, locking it layers down to prevent irritating rash. Naturally breathable fabrics keep baby feeling fresh and airy, day and night

Comfy sleeping

Comfy diapers help with a good sleep. Our high waistband with soft 8-strand stretch contours to all body types for a secure but comfy fit that moves with baby without pinching or leaving red marks. The ultra-elastic leg cuffs add an extra layer of protection against leaks.

How do we compare to others?

We are doing our best to keep your baby rash-free, comfy and happy.

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