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A Complete Material Breakdown of Parasol Clear+Dry™ Natural Disposable Diapers

A Complete Material Breakdown of Parasol Clear+Dry™ Natural Disposable Diapers

Are you having difficulties choosing the right diapers for your little one? 

We understand that there is a lot of hearsay about diapers; terms like eco-conscious, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly can seem inviting; however, judging the authenticity and ethics of most diaper brands often lead to blurred conclusions. Such situations turn out to be overbearing for most parents, and for good reason. 

The instinct to settle for nothing but the best for your child is instilled in every parent and caregiver. However, your duties as a parent and a provider inhibit your ability to do comprehensive research about every single aspect of your child. This is where we come in. Parasol Co understands the importance of choosing the right diapers for your child while standing by mother earth, safe and clean top of the line ingredients and materials. Proudly offering a clean and effective option for disposable diapers since 2014. Quality made and women owned. Supporting your child's skin health by eliminating diaper rash, and that's just the beginning. Within the next 5 minutes, you will clearly understand what constitutes good and not so ideal diapers and which diapers you can consider for your little one. We will also break down the components used in our Parasol Clear+Dry ™ Natural Disposable diapers to help you learn how diapers affect your baby and our planet.  

Let us get started. 


What you need to know about Disposable Diapers

Any substance or object capable of decomposing by bacteria or other microorganisms falls under the category of biodegradable. 

Most parents would love to choose diapers tagged as biodegradable. However, many are unaware of the fact that a biodegradable diaper takes over 50 years to decompose. Not quite what you have in mind. 

Relying on terms like eco-conscious and environmentally friendly may not be enough if you want to incorporate the holistic impact of diapers on your baby as well as the environment.

As parents, you desire to know about the product you’re buying for your baby. The ingredients, materials used to make the product and what impact it has on the environment are important to you.


Material Breakdown of Parasol Clear+Dry™ Natural Disposable Diapers

Natural Baby Diapers

Layer 1: Top sheet

Rash free diapers


This is the soft material that makes first contact with your baby’s delicate skin when you unfold a diaper. 

Parasol’s top sheet is made with embossed ultra-soft hydrophilic nonwoven fabric imported from Korea. Engineered to enhance airflow and maximize the porous area to optimize absorption speed, the top sheet is famous for its 3-second dryness. It effectively locks the baby’s wastes underneath to maintain dryness, provide skin comfort, and prevent leakage.


Layer 2: Absorbent Inner Core

Eco-friendly diapers

This is the magic component that keeps your baby’s pee and poo inside the diaper. 

Parasol’s innovative dual-core has three high-performing materials.

  1. Dust-free tissue that works as a wrap around the core, imported from Korea.
  1. Super absorbent polymer (SAP) absorbs all liquid and expands to a jello-like shape from tiny bits. Parasol Co has two types of SAPs in its dual core. The top core SAP helps enhance absorption speed, while the bottom core SAP helps maximize absorbency capacity. It can absorb 580g+ liquid within 12 hours for a 12-month-old baby. Our SAPs are imported from Japan and Germany.
  1. Fluff wood pulp helps to distribute SAP evenly and provides a cushion for baby comfort. Our wood pulp is total chlorine-free (TCF) and FSC certified (sustainably harvested through the Forest Stewardship Council) and sourced locally from the USA.


Layer 3: Breathable Film

Most breathable diapers

The outer film that holds the baby’s waste inside the diaper. This is where the printed designs are featured.

Parasol’s breathable polyethylene film with 1600 micropores ensures instant breathability.  Our minimalistic design is printed with non-toxic black and white water-based ink. Our wetness indicator is also applied here to notify parents of diaper changes.  Both film and wetness indicators are sourced from the USA.


Layer 4: Back sheet

Clean diapers

The soft sheet on the outside of a diaper

Parasol’s back sheet is made with ultra-soft hydrophilic nonwoven fabric imported from Korea. Our fabric structure helps with breathability and provides an ultra softness for comfort.

Additional Components that prevent Leakage and Blowout

The Leg Cuff

This wraps around the baby’s thighs and is designed to secure the waste in a diaper and avoid leakage from the side.  To prevent the cuff from getting too tight and leaving a mark on the baby’s thigh, the Parasol diaper leg cuff has 2.165 inches widened boards with 0.472 inches auto-fold and 6-strand retractive elastic- comfort is of most importance. 

The auto-fold prevents the pressure on the thigh and provides a perfect fit regardless of the body type of babies. The solid elastic structure offers excellent support so the diaper won’t sag after heavy absorption. 

We use Lycra® elastic fibers from the USA. Lycra® fiber products are C2C Gold Level Material Health Certified, and its production sites are certified for STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.



This touches the baby’s lower back. Parasol’s high-rise 180° waistband comes equipped with an 8-strand super retractive elastic designed to secure the waste in a diaper and prevent leakage from the back.

Most blowout incidents happen when babies are sitting down. With the retractive waistband fastening system, our diaper adheres to the baby’s lower back softly, leaving no space/gap between the baby's skin and the diaper, reducing the chance of a blowout.

We use Lycra® elastic fibers/spandex from the USA. Lycra® fiber products are C2C Gold Level Material Health Certified, and its production sites are certified for STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.


Hook & Loop Closing Tabs

consists of latex-free super soft cloth sourced from the USA.


Non-toxic bio-based glue sourced from USA and France.


Here is a summary of everything you just went through

Diaper parts



Cleanest diapers

Making More Informed Choices

Here is a list of things your diapers should not have.


You don’t have to be an expert; simply check the list of ingredients to figure out if you can avoid the harmful ingredients for your little ones.

A step towards a sustainable tomorrow

eco company

Aligning with William Arthur Ward’s famous quote, “
if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.”, Parasol Co has initiated a pursuit toward creating lighter and more sustainable diapers. Everything from packaging to transportation is specifically chosen to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Enabling parents to make more informed and sustainable choices, our reuse, reduce and recycle initiative is a step towards sustainability. 

We applied the most innovative materials to reduce the volume of wood pulp usage by 30%. Our diapers core is lighter and more absorbent thus reducing the carbon footprint for each shipment. All of our packaging materials are 90% recyclable.  In a further attempt to be more aware and produce less waste, our bags are bigger with more diapers to reduce the total number of plastic bags used. The high quality construction of the bags can sit up and are excellent  for storage of toys, baby blankets- a great way to store and transport unwanted baby items for donations. We’ve learned thoughtfulness goes a  long way in encouraging parents to utilize the design for better good.  It has been an incredible team effort between us and Parasol Parents, we've chatted with on Zoom calls to collaborate all possibilities to deliver the best we can for our next generation.

Understanding the challenges of parenthood, it is Parasol’s goal to make things as easy as possible. Try our diaper samples and experience the difference today. Our rash-shield protection ensures no rashes, while our affordable diaper subscription allows parents to not constantly worry about running out of diapers at the inconvenient time.

You are doing a great job as a parent, and we are here to help and make things easier and more convenient for you. Do visit our website and don’t forget to check our customer reviews.  


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