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Baby Wipe Uses

Baby Wipe Uses

Baby wipes are way more versatile than their name lets on. Many parents who get used to hauling around baby wipes realize they never want to make do without them. The myriad of reasons to have baby wipes in your house, bag, or car will have you stocking up on them if you don’t already do. The absolute best life-hack is finding a brand of gentle and pure wipes that won’t irritate sensitive skin and can be used around food, pets and people parts. 

Parasol natural baby wipes are 99% pure, reverse-osmosis water. They are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin and contain absolutely no harsh chemicals (say no to chlorine, alcohol, fragrances, parabens, dyes or phthalates). They are made this way so you can enjoy using them freely knowing they are safe and nourishing. 

10 Life-hacks with Safe and Gentle Baby Wipes

Use on Baby Skin.

You’d think that goes without saying but the thing is that many wet wipes can cause irritation to a baby’s delicate skin. Fragrances and other chemicals can cause rashes around the bum or mouth. Parasol baby wipes are safe to clean baby’s bum when learning how to change a diaper as well as the face, mouth or teeth. Which leads us to the next hack…

Feminine hygiene.

Keeping everything fresh and clean down there. Baby wipes are especially handy during periods, after birthing baby and after sex too. Natural wipes with premium thick ply will help clear all the mess. 

Shoe Cleaner.

Scuffed your favorite pair of shoes? A baby wipe can help clean off dirt and restore a bit of their original shine, perfect for both leather and synthetic materials.

Wiping Pet Paws.

After the dog park, messy litter box or a muddy walk, you can clean your pet’s paws with a baby wipe. You’ll want to use a chemical-free, natural wipe as furry animals will usually get to licking their paws and ingesting any chemicals in conventional wet wipes. Keep a container of gentle baby wipes near your entryway to assist with cleanup after rainy or snowy weather. 

Remove Labels and Stickers.

Got a stubborn sticker or label? Baby wipes can help dissolve the adhesive, making it easier to peel off without leaving residue.

Cleaning Pacifiers or Baby Toys.

Give those toys a quick wipe to get rid of grime, dust and germs. An added bonus is that you’ll get them looking shiny and new again, too. 

Dusting plants.

Outdoor plants get naturally dusted when it rains but houseplants need extra help to keep their leaves clean. This isn’t just for aesthetics; dirt and dust particles clog the pores of the plants which inhibit their ability to get sunshine (and therefore food). 

Remove Make-Up.

You can use baby wet wipes to remove grit and grime and light make-up on your face. Use it as a precursor for cleansing or as your only face wash if you are traveling light. 

Wipe Tables and Food Surfaces.

Natural wipes with clean ingredients for sensitive skin will be safe to clean food surfaces at home or at a restaurant. While you are on the go you can pretty much use them to sanitize any germ ridden public spots such as shopping cart handles, toilet seats, and more. 

Cooling and Freshening Up.

Not saying they will replace a shower but if you are in a rush after a work-out or at a place with limited clean water such as camping or at the beach they will be sure to freshen up face, armpits or other body parts! If you’re taking them to the beach or park try sticking them in the cooler for a refreshing wipe. 

    What do you use baby wipes for? We’d love to hear other parents’ life hacks! Tag us on Instagram @parasolco or send us a message. 

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