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Eco-conscious packaging with a greater purpose

Eco-conscious packaging with a greater purpose

By Elyse Mallay

When we say we want the best for our babies, we mean it holistically. Behind every decision we take at Parasol is a desire to create a beautiful world to our little ones that they may enjoy it for hundreds of years to come. We believe in saying no to chlorine, parabens and all harsh chemicals, while responsibly sourcing ingredients; focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling is the most important and thoughtful action we can take to protect our newest generation and the world they’ll inherit.

First, we reduce: creating a thinner diaper that is plushier and drier.

Our unique system achieves comfort and moisture protection while reducing our reliance on both renewable and non-renewable resources. Parasol diapers are engineered to be thinner and lighter, more efficiently using our Mama Earth’s precious resources, and decreasing the carbon footprint associated with transport and shipping of our diapers.

Responsible sourcing of plant-based materials

We make sure to source our plant-based materials from FSC-certified forests. These forests are responsibly managed and provide many environmental benefits including planting more trees. Did you know that younger trees are better at sequestering carbon from the air than the old trees? Our commitment to use tree resources sustainably extends from diaper design to packaging.

Fun design printed with water-based inks

We use eco-friendly, non-toxic water-based inks in printing fun designs across all our products. Water based inks are used in our diaper design but also in the bag and fun Imagination box they are shipped in.

Recycled and recycle-able!

Parasol diapers are shipped in our Imagination box which is made from 90% post-consumer recycled materials and can be fully recycled too. Let’s keep our resources part of a circular economy that keeps giving!

Reusable bag to store toys or blankets

We designed our diaper pack bag to be sturdy and reusable. Our team of parents use it to store toddler items and since it’s water proof we’ve seen some take it to the beach too! Get creative. And when you’re done kindly recycle it.

Shipped in Imagination box for activities together

Your diapers will arrive in a fully recyclable shipping box. It will showcase one of ten different coloring animals and creative poems we made for you. Up-cycle and allow the box to live on with these coloring and reading activities you can do with your little ones.

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